It is now recommended for new users to use the latest beta release of MailMate instead of the public release. Here is a direct link (release notes). The beta requires macOS 10.12+.

The public release should now mainly be used by existing users still on macOS 10.10-10.15: MailMate 1.13.2 (r5673) (release notes)

Note that the download also works as a 30 day trial version of MailMate. You can use the “Buy Now” link above or the “MailMate ▸ Registration” menu within MailMate if you decide to buy a license key.

Older Unsupported Releases

MailMate for macOS 10.10/10.11: MailMate 1.13.2 (r5673)

MailMate for macOS 10.8/10.9: MailMate 1.12.5 (r5634)

MailMate for macOS 10.7: MailMate 1.9.6 (r5318)

MailMate for macOS 10.6: MailMate 1.7.2 (r4587)

MailMate for macOS 10.5: MailMate 1.4.2 (r2818)