Privacy Policy

Freron Software is committed to protecting your private data. This is primarily done by only keeping the data which is strictly needed. Various third party companies store information related to Freron Software. The most important ones (Fastspring and Linode) are committed to being GDPR compliant. The others only handle publicly posted data.

License Keys (Fastspring, Linode)

When you purchase a license key most of your personal information is only stored by Fastspring.

Freron Software stores (Linode) your name and email address in order to have a record of license keys sold and to be able to find lost license keys.

Crash Reports (Linode)

You can opt-in to send crash reports to Freron Software in the General preferences pane of MailMate. If you add a “Contact Name” then this is stored with the crash report in order for Freron Software to be able to contact you if additional information is needed.

Keep Me Posted (Linode)

The homepage allows you to provide an email address if you want to receive news about MailMate. Any such news includes a link for unsubscribing from this list. The email addresses are not used for any other purpose.

Mailling List (Linode) and Ticket System (Lighthouse)

It is possible to use a public mailing list and a public ticket system to provide feedback or ask questions about MailMate. These services do not require your personal information, but if you use your real name and/or a personal email address then be aware that it is impossible to guarantee that this information can be deleted. If requested to do so, Freron Software can delete specific Lighthouse tickets and mailing list messages archived on the server controlled by Freron Software.

Private Emails (Linode)

Correspondence via private email is stored on an IMAP server. All communication with this server is encrypted. Emails are stored for future reference, but you can request personal communications to be deleted if needed.

Local Storage

Software devices and backup devices owned by Freron Software may contain local copies of all of the above (except the data only stored by Fastspring). These devices are all encrypted.


In order to access Gmail accounts (via IMAP) using the OAuth authentication method Google requires this page to clearly state how MailMate accesses your data. MailMate is a so-called offline IMAP email client which means that it fetches and stores a local copy of all of the emails in your Gmail account(s). Any actions done locally (in MailMate) are synchronized with the Google IMAP server when possible. This includes creating, moving, and deleting emails/mailboxes.


If you have any questions or requests then you can contact Freron Software by email.