Become a MailMate Patron

Version 1.0 of MailMate was released February, 2011, and a lot has happened since then, but there has never been a major version bump and a corresponding upgrade fee. Also, a bump to version 2.0 is not going to change the latter since it’s a free upgrade.

Maintaining software requires the same amount of effort as creating, but it is not a straightforward source of revenue. The “MailMate Patron” initiative is an attempt to change that. It’s voluntary and therefore not a subscription model. A license key is still needed for MailMate and its validity is not affected by whether or not you are a patron. Patrons do not need to pay any future upgrade fees (none are currently planned) and they might occasionally receive exclusive information by email.

A large number of patrons is going to be an incentive for me to focus on existing users since it’ll be important to keep them happy. This means iterative/frequent updates improving the details of existing features, improving performance, fixing bugs, and answering support emails. This is essentially how I work now.

The minimum payment for a patron is $10 every 3 months. In order for me to keep track of which license key owners are also MailMate patrons then you need to use the “Registration ▸ MailMate ▸ Become a MailMate Patron” menu item to enter the MailMate store.

Thanks for your support!