You might have read about the EFAIL project today and you might wonder what my thoughts are on the subject. Or more precisely, you want to know whether or not MailMate is affected.

The short answer is that MailMate is affected, but that MailMate 1.11 (released mid March) includes the fixes and workarounds needed. That is, if I didn’t miss something. This doesn’t mean that all email encryption is then safe, because that depends on both the sender and the recipient(s). I should also note that the EFAIL paper only tests MailMate 1.10 (released mid December). As far as I know, test results for MailMate 1.11 or later versions do not exist.

The long answer is on the mailing list since I also wanted to provide an open forum for this subject when/if issues are reported that I might not have fixed.