About MailMate

Thanks for visiting the homepage for MailMate. You are likely to be here because you are looking for an alternative email client for macOS and somewhere you heard about MailMate. Now you are trying to determine whether or not MailMate is relevant for you. You can take a look at the introduction in the manual or a page of screenshots, but maybe the following can also help you decide.

MailMate is not the most widespread, the cheapest, or the greatest looking email client, but I also have no aspiration to MailMate ever being any of these. Instead, MailMate aspires to be the most powerful, the most flexible, the most efficient, the most standards compliant, and the most secure email client.

MailMate is essentially developed by a single individual, but most of the features of MailMate are a result of discussions with its users. One of the main benefits of MailMate having a small user base is that you can actually expect a reply if you have any problems or requests.

Try the fully functional 30 day trial (active use) and if you decide that MailMate is not yet for you then don’t forget to track future development by following MailMate on Twitter, the blog, or the mailing list. You can also subscribe to be notified when non-minor revisions of MailMate are released.

About Me

Since MailMate is the creation of a single software developer then you might wonder who I am. In short, I was born and live in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. I live here with my wife and our two girls. Sometimes I think of MailMate as my third child, but it’s far from as perfect as the rest of my family.

I have a Ph.D. in computer science (papers) with a primary interest in algorithms and optimization and I have a minor in mathematics, but I’m no math wiz. When I’m not working on MailMate or spending time with my family then I’m deeply fascinated by the Universe or deeply frustrated by my favorite football team (this kind of football).

Benny Kjær Nielsen