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Crowd Funding Campaign


Macworld wrote:
  • MailMate’s here to help you bend your email to your will, to tame the chaos of even the most cluttered and sprawling account. And MailMate doesn’t mess around.
  • But MailMate’s true, jaw-dropping power lies in its ability to search and filter messages via Smart Mailboxes. wrote:
  • MailMate is a refreshingly efficient way to deal with mail in IMAP accounts, all with handy keyboard shortcuts, superior search and precise smart folders.
  • As a testament to its raw power, MailMate does not stop at From: or body text, of course; instead, you can have it match just names or first names, email addresses, domain names, parts of domain names, quoted text and what not.
Lifehacker wrote:
  • Search is amazing, providing you with a ridiculous amount of control.
  • Practically everything can be accessed using the keyboard.

User Quotes

Iain Ronis (MacUpdate) wrote:
  • Good software surprises a user with thoughtful features. MailMate helps in subtle ways that just aren't obvious until you use it for a few weeks.
David Levy (MacUpdate) wrote:
  • MailMate is, in my view, the first serious power-user IMAP email client. The power is tremendous in terms of configuring your mail viewing and display exactly as you would like. Second, almost everything can be done from the keyboard. Including filing messages and moving to arbitrary mailboxes. The application is lean and fast and, in my view, saves time.
Sherman Wilcox (MacUpdate) wrote:
  • If you’re a heavy email user, this is an application to keep your eye on.